U.W.S. - United We Stand


This graphic novel published by Marsilio Editori (one of the most important book publishers here in Italy) has been my first collaboration with my friend Simone Sarasso.

We met a long time ago and he was determined to do something together. He was a huge comic fan and the fact that someone he knew (me) was a professional hit him like a rock.
He was impatient to do some comics and even had the right story in the closet!

He actually had a whole novel about that and he gave it to me saying: "This will be our first graphic novel!"

We did lots of things together after that, we worked on a spy story novel, on a TV plot, I painted most of his book covers... 

We're just a great team and we always have a lot of fun working together.

Which is always a good start to give birth to awesome products.

U.W.S. - United We Stand (2011)
Marsilio Editori
Script: Simone Sarasso

Art & greyscales: me