The truth is, I've always loved mangas.

If I were to choose amongst my favourite comics, two out of three would be manga titles. This led me to learn the japanese way of doing things. I wanted to try telling a story using their rhythm, their grids, their screentones.

RPR is my first experience with the manga techniques and I completely fell in love with this way of doing comics.

I've published RPR first on an international comic platform called Inkblazers, having a really good time there. When the platform closed, I stayed for a while on Tapastic (now tapas) before opening my own dedicated website. Then I self published the volumes.

But the journey of RPR was not to end soon... Mangasenpai is currently publishing it inside its brand new manga magazine, Senpai+ 

RPR - Rock'n'Punch Riders
ongoing manga series
Right owned Project