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This project is complete madness for a couple of reasons.

First of all, nobody cares about robots anymore. I'm perfectly aware of that. But, simply, I don't care! These robots from the 80'es have been my role model when I was a kid, they pratically forged my childhood and part of who I am. I'm not going to betray them just because they're not "cool" anymore!
Besides, they are cool, at least in our Robot Madness version.

The second reason is that, starting August 2018, the plan is to homage all the robots of japanese animation, one by one, and post them every monday on FB. This is not at all a piece of cake, japanese robots are so many it's even difficult to count them. But that's it, this is the extent of our passion.

Again, this is a collaboration with one of my friend and talented colleagues. 
When I first propose to Riccardo Ruggine Pieruccini to color his amazing robots linearts, it started as a tryout, just to see what could happen. But I knew that I was not going to let a tryout die without changing it into a real project, with deadlines, a precise goal, and all the professional stuff that doesn't allow anything to be "for fun" anymore.
I reckon I'm like that. I'm not able to enjoy the act of drawing if I don't have a precise goal in mind for what I'm doing. I have to transform everything into something stressing -sigh-

For that precise reason, we're exploring different kinds of application for these illustrations:

  • an encyclopedia of books, divided into different cathegories.
    You can find it here (ITA only): Robot Madness volumes
  • REDBUBBLE page, in which you can find all kinda products to decore your house with (I love the pillows and the mugs!!)
  • live streaming sessions on my TWITCH page.

In the very end, do I enjoy color these pieces? 

Oh, boy if I do.

Robot Madness Project (starting 2018)
artist: Riccardo Pieruccini
colors: me