Nincow is part of a bigger project Marco Paracchini and I are developing since 2015.

It's called HPC - High Concept Plan, and it's a box full of ideas.
Simply put, it's an ideal starting point for animated projects. We created plots and characters of almost a dozen stories, until now. All ready to be developed by producers or studios.

Marco Paracchini is a film director, storyteller and academic teacher. He publishes novels, books of short stories, handbooks and essays. On top of that, he's a dear friend.

Nincow has been chosen and developed into a promo trailer (which you can see here) by Lynx Animation Studios, currently working on the series.
If you're a producer and you're searching for an animated project to put your hopes into, Lynx is always searching for partners. 

Their work has been top notch over the years, and weird enough, they like to develope 2D projects instead of 3D ones, doing the old hard job of drawing each frame...
Yes, they're crazy, but the good kind of crazy. 
The one who cares.