This is the longest run I've colored for Marvel.

I'm proud of these 11 issues, It was a blast, having to color new characters, having to give a certain photography to the whole series. I always loved to create the graphic appeal of an entire story arc and always tried to give unity to a whole project. 

Of course, Stefano Caselli (the artist) and I were working really close at that time, and I remember the day-by-day conversations through Windows Messenger and the constant drive to do better, issue after issue.
He was the one always trying new things, I was the one trying to give unity, merging his new techniques and experimentations and melting into one overall appeal.

A couple of behind the scenes I want to share: 

-I remember as if it was yesterday the day Stefano and I checked the sales of issue #1: it sold 300,000 copies and we were sixth in the top-selling projects of the month. We were astonished and thankful.

-I colored issues #8-9 while I was in Shanghai, China, working with a horrible screen I bought there. I still don't know how I managed to have decent colors in print!

Avengers: The Initiative #1-5, 7-11, 14 (2009)
artist: Stefano Caselli
colors: me