The King of Balls


My second manga project has quite an interesting story.

At the same moment I was publishing the third and last volume of my indie project, RPR, I received e-mails from a couple of publishers. 
They were interested in publishing an RPR omnibus. The problem is, I was not. RPR is my personal project and I think I will never be able to sell its publishing rights to anyone. 

But the fact was, RPR was done, and I was on the market.
I noticed that one of the publishers I knew, Mangasenpai, was searching for an artist. There was this project in his mind and this atypical shonen character he was really interested in. The story was already there, but I had to take care of the storytelling and everything visual, from the cover to the inside pages.

I was searching for a new manga project, something that could be interesting and that could be some sort of experimenting field for a new style, so I hopped in. 

This first story arc is almost 400 pages, and believe me when I say that that amount of pages is a real massacre.
But the moment you have the volume in your hand is the moment when every pain, every suffering, every struggle... everything makes sense,

I couldn't do what I do without that moment.

The King Of Balls (2020)
story: Fabrizio Francato
storytelling, art & screentones: me