IF - Imaginary Foundation


I know a guy. From a long time ago.
This guy is a director and a screenplay writer and he worked in serious movies, ones that don't leave you without making an impression.
This guy is also a super comic nerd, so much more than me.
Heck, I'm not even in the same nerditude league.

So when this Guy (Fabio Guaglione, now we can say the name) asked me to follow him into a very ambitious and intricate project consisting of coloring numerous comic books, I said...
Wait a minute.

I said yes to two projects, the second one being "IF - Imaginary Foundation".
The second book hit the shelves a couple of years after the first one, "Quarantine Prophets", and was published in Italy by Panini Group and presented during Lucca Comics & Games 2023. I had to do multiple revisions to match the exact idea Fabio had in mind for this project, but the result was worth the effort.

IF - Imaginary Foundation (2023)
Story: Fabio Guaglione, Lorenzo Speranzoni
Script: Fabio Guaglione
Art: Alessio Cammardella
Colors: me