HCP - High Concept Plan


As we like to say about HCP, my colleague and friend Marco Paracchini and me:

HCP is a box full of ideas, the perfect starting point for a variety of different projects for different media.

Marco has a ton of crazy ideas, he keeps giving birth to them non-stop.
So, we thought, why don't we give some artwork to those ideas, and sell the concepts to all the Studios and Producers, so they can do with them what they think is best?

One of our projects, Nincow, is currently under production by Lynx Animation Studios. You can find the entire characters and backgrounds art gallery by clicking here.

HCP stands for High Concept Projects, and that's what it is: a collection of high concepts for all audiences and tastes. If you're a producer, you can pick whatever concept you like and we'll be glad to transform it into a cartoon, a comic, or an illustrated book! 

HCP - High Concept Plan
Screenwriting: Marco Paracchini
art: me