One of the comic genres I love the most is sports stories.

I've read lots of them. Some of them are my favorite comics ever, like Slam Dunk.
Yes, most of them are mangas, just because there is a precise target for this type of story in Japan: those mangas are supposed to let people know of sports and to sponsor those sports, spread the knowledge of basket, golf, MMA, badminton, and so on.

The main goal of mangas is always to share ways to integrate people into society. In this case, they just do it with sports. They promote values such as teamwork, unselfishness, drive for victory, and excellence through practice. 

I grew up with those stories and I love them so much, so when Novara Basket (the main basket society here in the place where I live) asked me to do something to promote their girls' basket division, I gladly accepted.

I've really enjoyed doing this, I realized the script and storyboards, while my wife Elisa did all the drawing and coloring.
It's been a blast.

Basket Girls (2018)
story and layout: me
Art: Elisa Sguanci